Why is a Catholic Education important?

Many persons wonder why a Catholic school education is important for a child.  There are many reasons and often they are particular to an individual.  In this 3 minute video interview of Sister John Mary Fleming, she explains some of the deep reasons why it is important. 

Those who have students in Catholic schools and those who are wondering about what is best for their student may want to listen for 3 minutes!




St. Louis The King School at the Cathedral


Archbishop Robert Carlson speaks to the community.


Students unveil the new sign for their school!







Surprise for Students and Staff at St. Gabriel the Archangel School

K-8 Students of St. Gabriel the Archangel School show their appreciation!



(L to R)Pat Sly, John Ashby (Computer Teacher), Linda Hohenberger (Enrichment Teacher), Lisa Slama (Emerson Excellence Education Teacher 2011 & 8th Grade Teacher) 






St. Joan of Arc Students hold a Night at the Museum



Ice Skating Fun for Families - Catholic Schools Week 2012






Project HOPE at St. Joan of Arc




St. Joan of Arc Zoo Keepers


Loyola Academy Students Bring Learning Outside






St. Gabriel the Archangel Students Explore and Build Trust



St. Gabriel the Archangel Students make great music!



Marian Middle School Students get their hands dirty for fun and learning!


St. Raphael the Archangel School's students at the Pet Blessing on October 4th.



St. Joan of Arc School students plant a school garden.

Primary students with older student helpers planted a school garden that will be harvested in late fall.  Students will enjoy the harvest now and they will share their abundance with those in need who are being served by the St. Vincent de Paul Organization of the parish.

Students from St. Joan of Arc gathered around the Peace Pole to pray for peace.